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LIST: 5 of the funniest rugby players of all-time

Today, we’re having a look at the funniest rugby players.

Rugby has its fair share of serious characters, but there are some humorous men running around on the field every week.

In this day and age we have easy access to the players and can tell who is funny or not. They aren’t the only funny ones though, as are players in the past.

These players have some pretty funny quotes but can also make us laugh in other ways. Sometimes we laugh at them and sometimes with them.

Here are the five of the funniest rugby players of all time.

#5. Max Lahiff

Lahiff, who unsurprisingly is a bit of a cult hero at Bristol Bears, delivered an interview that was fantastic and bizarre in equal measure last season. In an interview that almost seemed like a parody, the forwardwent full David Brent/Alan Partridge when discussing the upcoming clash with Wasps.

Starting off by describing Wasps as a “team of real mavericks”, the prop forward goes onto describe his performance in his last match as follows:

“I was running around, talking to my ancestors, I was missing lungs. Man, I was You know, one of those real personal grind-outs.”


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