LIST | The 5 funniest things to ever happen on a rugby pitch

What do you expect to see when you watch a rugby match? Tries? Some full-blooded tackles? Maybe a card or two? That all seems perfectly reasonable.

Every now and then, though, something happens on the pitch that nobody could have predicted. Here are five of the funniest incidents ever to take place inside a beautiful game of two halves.

1. Phil Vickery

“Wasps were playing Newcastle at Adams Park, just after the 2007 World Cup. This young lad, a back-rower, was calling me fat this and fat that, all the usual stuff. He kept on and on.

“It got to the point, we were stood at a lineout and he was still going on. I said, “For f**k’s sake, if I knew your name I’d give you some banter back!” His team wet themselves. But I genuinely didn’t know who he was!”