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LIST | Top 5 Fallouts Between Players and Coaches

Finn rustles the Scots with shocking revelation

It’s been the saga on everyone’s minds regardless of your national persuasion. Scotland’s greatest talent Finn Russell has left the squad after revealing in an interview with The Times that he has no relationship with head coach Gregor Townsend, and that he is unhappy with the current set up in the Scotland team.

The issue stems back to a night drinking at the team hotel where several senior players suggested he call it a night, but instead he returned home to his parents house in Stirling, and skipped training and meetings the following day.

Gregor has been excellent at swerving the major issue in that his maverick fly-half has questioned his abilities as head coach and the atmosphere he has created, but the outlook is pretty clear. Neither side is going to back down from this fight, and it could all well end in tears for the Scots.

It doesn’t exactly help they’ve still got a resurgent French side and a trip to Cardiff to deal with, never mind the recently crowned World Champions and a first trip to New Zealand in 20 years this summer. Lose either coach or player, and it would be fatal for the dark blues. 

There is a feeling that something is being missed, and that either party has left out a significant event or detail that has sparked this meltdown. The argument at half time during last years Calcutta cup clash can’t exactly be pinpointed however, as this clash only led to a heroic comeback, so if anything this incident has become a needle in a haystack of issues Townsend has to deal with in the coming weeks.

If a resolution can be sought, then perfect, if not, then the straw that breaks the camels back in this instance will be one of either Russell or Townsend not stepping out at Murrayfield for a very long time, and both circumstances would be fatal. 

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