CONFIRMED | Major law change for next season - Ruck

CONFIRMED | Major law change for next season

World Rugby are set to remove the rule that allows a player to score a try by bringing the ball into contact with the foam pad surrounding the base of the posts.

From next season, it will no longer be possible to score a try by touching the base of the posts with the ball, meaning it will be necessary to touch down in the in-goal area or on the line for a valid try.


French magazine L’Equipe is reporting this decision was decided at the World Rugby symposium on players’ health, which was held in Paris on Tuesday.

The matter will now go ahead for validation in May at the annual meeting of the law committee.

Safety concerns have been raised over the winter about players trying to score at the butt of the goalpost.

Day jobs of Women’s Six Nations stars

Behind the glitz and glamour of the Women’s Six Nations, many world-class players must work around the clock to fund their rugby dream.

1. Elinor Snowsill (Wales) – Healthy food company

The Wales international fly-half set up healthy food company Onest Food in 2014, continuing in her rugby career while running the business.

Snowsill started Onest by operating food vans outside gyms, but expanded to delivery following a conversation with a friend who was looking for a healthy eating plan and wanted the food delivered.

She specifically sought out those business models in order to ensure that she did not have to work on weekends so as to leave time to play rugby. Her signature dish uses an omelette style egg as a wrap.