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Martin Bayfield’s acting career: Films, TV and cameos

7. Rex Richards

The Wales international played for Cross Keys RFC until 1955 before heading to Hollywood to try to make his fortune as an actor.

8. Rahul Bose

He is an Indian film actor, director, screenwriter, social activist, and rugby player. Bose has appeared in Bengali films such as Mr. and Mrs. IyerKalpurushAnurananAntaheenLaptop and The Japanese Wife. In 1998, Bose was part of the first Indian national rugby team to play in an international event, the Asian Rugby Football Union Championship. He has played both scrum-half and right-winger positions.

9. Ray Gravell

He announced his retirement from international rugby in 1982, taking up acting. In 1985, he joined the BBC taking the leading role in Bonner, a BBC Cymru film for the Welsh Language broadcaster S4C. He appeared in the BBC TV movie Filipina Dreamgirls, and this led to a role in the 1992 Louis Malle film Damage as the chauffeur of the character played by Jeremy Irons.