New Zealand media tears into England and Ireland - Ruck

New Zealand media tears into England and Ireland

A kiwi journalist, Phill Gifford, was less than complimentary of England following their win against Ireland in his piece ‘Nine things you need to know from England’s Six Nations win over Ireland‘.

In his first point, he wrote: “If the All Blacks don’t win the World Cup this year, please, please, don’t let England or Ireland take it by boring other teams to death. For the sake of the game, may a side that uses all 15 players on attack emerge victorious.”


Gifford then turned his attention to Ireland: “If England were soullessly efficient, Ireland were just as dull, without even the consolation of victory. Irish halfback Connor Murray has a magnificent high box kick but dear Lord, yesterday he did it so often it was more predictable than Groundhog Day.”

He also targeted Owen Farrell in particular for criticism.

“No wonder Farrell likes to tackle without using his arms. When he tries to tackle legally he’s basically a revolving door.”

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