Nigel Owens reveals what you didn't hear on TV during England vs. France - Ruck

Nigel Owens reveals what you didn’t hear on TV during England vs. France

Popular referee Nigel Owens has revealed what the microphone DIDN’T pick up last weekend.

“There was a point in last week’s England v France match when I saw French prop Jefferson Poirot was on the floor.” wrote Owens for Wales Online.

“It was towards the end of the game and I went back to check whether he was okay, whether there was an injury and what needed to happen.

“One of the studs on the top of his boots had come out and he said he needed to get it changed. He showed me the boot and it was then that I noticed he was wearing rainbow laces.

“I told him I liked his laces, in a clip which has been shared on the Guinness Six Nations page.

“It was a very nice moment but what the mic didn’t catch was his response.


“He said to me: “Yes, I like them too, it’s very important that I show my support.””

Owens added: “It made me smile. It made me think about what a wonderful thing it was for him to do.”