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Nine things you should NEVER say to a female rugby fan

A penis is not a prerequisite for loving rugby or any sport, for that matter.

1.  “You’re just trying to impress a man”.

Obviously, because that is why women do everything. To impress not themselves but a man…

2.  “Shall I explain the laws to you?”

Ask her. I dare you.

3. “Which player do you fancy then?”

Just because you feel the need to objectify sports women, doesn’t mean we feel the need to return the favour.*

*Not since Jonny retired anyway.


16 Responses

  1. Jojobelle

    You can only really understand it if you’ve played! Erm, was given my first rugby ball when I was 4, hung my boots up at the grand old age of 32 thanks!!

  2. Issy

    You can’t forget the classic “Rugby is a man’s sport so if you like it you must be a lesbian” line. God knows how many times I’ve heard that one before.

  3. Edel

    Don’t forget the classic “what would you know about rugby your just a girl?” Yes because all we know about is make up and babies. Idiot

  4. Kirsty

    “How long are the women’s matches?”
    80 minutes the same as the men, and before you ask it’s the same rules for women and yes it’s contact….
    Anymore stupid questions?

  5. Aileen

    Two I hear and bother me a lot are:

    Do you play yourself?
    (Cause women can clearly only follow sports they play!?!?)

    You just like to look at their mussels.
    (Yeah, you found me out – that’s why women look at sports – mussels!?)

  6. Nykoma

    Yes had the whole but you don’t look like a rugby player! Why?!! Although I must confess I do enjoy watching some of the guys and their legs especially Jamie Roberts, except when he plays us of course! lol xxxx