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LIST: Some of rugby’s weirdest initiation ceremonies

Forget a warm welcome: joining a new team often involves heavy drinking, spanking and a live chicken…

1. 21 drinks…

In 2011, Chris Ashton revealed it was a tradition that every player making their international debut for England takes part in the challenge.

The winger revealed he had been forced to undergo an initiation ceremony into the England team during which he had to sink 21 alcoholic drinks in just a few hours.

He told how all new players have to take one drink with each of the 21 other players in the listed squad.

2. Bottle up the…

A young rugby player suffered internal injuries after a beer bottle got stuck up his backside during a vile initiation ritual.

The victim was forced to run up and down the team bus with the unopened bottle in place and was later rushed to the hospital.

Scottish Rugby later imposed sanctions on 14 players and two officials for the incident.