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“One Club Mentality” Gloucester Men’s Players Announce Women’s Side for Premier 15s Final

Gloucester Rugby have presented a definitive ‘one club mentality’, with the senior men’s side announcing Gloucester-Hartpury Women’s starting line-up for the Premier 15s Final.

(L to R) Zoe Aldcroft, co-captain of Gloucester-Hartpury, Natasha ÔMoÕ Hunt, co-captain of Gloucester-Hartpury, Poppy Leith, Captain of Exeter Chiefs Women and Rachel Johnson of Exeter Chiefs Women pose with the Allianz Premier 15s Trophy outside Queensholm. In celebration of the Allianz Premier 15s final coming to Kingsholm, the home of Gloucester Rugby will adopt a new name for one week only: Queensholm. The new name was unveiled by Gloucester Rugby at the stadium today, as the captains and coaches of the Premier 15s finalist gathered to preview the league showpiece, taking place this Saturday 24 June during the Allianz Premier 15s Final Media Event at Kingsholm Stadium on June 19th, 2023 in Gloucester, England. Photo by Tom Sandberg/PPAUK

The Cherry and Whites take on Exeter Chiefs tomorrow afternoon, with the action kicking off at the home of Gloucester rugby. However, the host stadium has undergone a recent name change, as the two sides will battle it out in the Premier 15s Final at ‘Queensholm Stadium’.

Gloucester have certainly pulled out all the stops, ahead of their women’s side’s first Allianz Premier 15s Final. Both Gloucester-Hartpury and Exeter Chiefs have never won the title, making this match a definite history making West Country derby.

Players from the Gloucester men’s side, hung up the jerseys of the starting Gloucester-Hartpury XV, in an excellent announcement video. The men’s players announced their positional counterparts in the women’s squad, with the likes of winger Ollie Thorley announcing Ellie Rugman and fly half Adam Hastings hanging up Lleucu George’s jersey.