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“Players take the choice” – Austin Healey slams World Rugby’s safety mad officiating

Austin Healey believes that officiating in the name of player safety has gotten out of control during the 2022 summer internationals.

The former England international, for once, agrees with Eddie Jones on the overuse of the TMO.

“At some point you have to accept that playing rugby you are going to bang your head,wrote Healey in his column for The Telegraph.

“A lot of collisons are avoidable, some are not. Some are accidental, some are deliberate, some are rugby incidents.

“The constant referrals to the TMO stem from World Rugby being scared about being sued for millions and millions of pounds which they can’t afford by players who have head injuries suffered from playing the game 20 years ago.

“That is having a direct impact on how the game is played today,

“Modern players are still banging their heads, and I know a lot out there who are struggling with head injuries. But it is a byproduct of playing. You take the choice. Sign a waiver when you start playing.”


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