Premiership boss BANNED for outrageous referee comments - Ruck

Premiership boss BANNED for outrageous referee comments

Northampton Saints director of rugby Chris Boyd has been banned for two games for criticising a referee.

He said referee Adam Leal “didn’t have enough nuts” to award a penalty at an important moment in his side’s 30-6 Premiership loss to Saracens.

“He didn’t have enough nuts did he? I mean it was a clear hinge. There was only one side under pressure in that series of scrums,” he said.

Disciplinary panel chair Martin Picton said: “The panel concluded that the offence was to be dealt with as one amounting to disrespect of the authority of a match official and rejected the submission that the words spoken by Chris Boyd should be categorised as verbal abuse of the referee.

“The panel did, however, consider that Mr Boyd was entitled to the full available mitigation in the light of his acceptance of the charge, his obvious and genuine regret at his choice of words coupled with his apology expressed directly to the referee in question even before the potential for a misconduct charge had been raised, the impressive character material submitted in support and his impeccable discipline record.”


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