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Premiership star arrested after drunken rampage

In a drunken rampage in his luxury home, the rugby star head-butted a policeman and threatened to rape his female colleague smashing up his home in the process.

On February 2nd Mark Jennings who plays for Sale Sharks was taken into a room in his £500,000 house for questioning as officers were called to his house after a 999 call.

The player was resisting arrest as he began to abuse the officers which led to him being taken away in handcuffs, Manchester Magistrates Court heard.

According to the Mail Online, “At 11pm the evening officers were called to Mr Jenning’s home. He head-butted a police officer in the chest. During his journey to the police station he told the officers that he was going to kill them and he told one officer he was going to rape them” Crown Prosecutor David Morgan said.


Mark Haslam Jennings solicitor claimed the player was unwell at that this was “a very sad case”. The player agreed to take a “sabbatical” for Sale Sharks Rugby Union Football Club. The club refused to comment on his charges when asked by the Mail Online, although Sale Sharks boss Steve Diamond said: ‘Mark has been a great member of the squad throughout the last eight years and I’d like to thank Mark for his contribution to the club. We wish him well in the recovery process”.

Jennings claimed he was leaving due to injury “I’d like to thank Sale Sharks for the opportunity and the understanding to allow me to fully recover away from the club and hopefully return once I am fully fit.’