Radical law set to be trialled to speed up scrums - Ruck

Radical law set to be trialled to speed up scrums

 World Rugby are reportedly looking to introduce a scrum clock to remove one of the biggest blights in the game – as long as safety comes first.

It comes after the alarming revelation that the ball was in play for only 36 minutes and four seconds out of a possible 80 minutes during the knockout stages of last year’s World Cup.

The continual re-setting of scrums and constant intervention from referees remains one of the biggest bugbears for fans.

“As this year has shown, we have to have the ability to adjust and adapt,” said Wallabies star Scott Sio when asked about the prospect of a scrum clock.


“And if that is something that is brought in, it’s something we’ll definitely have to train for and take some time to train for at least a month because it will require us to be a bit quicker at set-up time.

“Safety is paramount first and foremost.

“So whatever did help make the game exciting for the fan base but safe for the players at the same time, we’re all for it.”

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