RANKED: Top Five Rugby Union Power Couples - Ruck

RANKED: Top Five Rugby Union Power Couples

The old saying goes that you shouldn’t mix business with pleasure – but many rugby stars have ignored that over the years.

RUCK are taking a look at nine of those football couples.

#5. Megan Jones & Celia Quansah

These two teammates never explicitly announced their relationship. Instead, they just started sharing pictures of each other on Instagram, and the response was incredible.

“There was never a thing of like, ‘We need to vocalize coming out,’” said Jones. “What we’re about is just being authentic and being true to who we are. You get heterosexual couples posting photos of each other on Instagram and social media. That’s all we’re doing: sharing our life on Instagram.”

As we know, LGBTQ couples sharing their lives on Instagram carries more significance than garnering “likes” and compliments. It’s another way to be visible, and help LGBTQ people feel like they’re less alone.

“If we can just help one person feel more confident and feel like they can be themselves, it just makes you want to do it more,” Quansah said.