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“REAL Gladiator ref” – Joe Marler ranks his five favourite Scots

John Anderson

Anderson, the formidable referee of the iconic television show “Gladiators,” was the authoritative figure who presided over the thrilling battles between contenders and the mighty gladiators. With his commanding presence and booming voice, Anderson ensured that each competition was conducted fairly and in accordance with the rules.

Born on April 12, 1931, Anderson brought a sense of drama and excitement to every episode, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats as contestants faced off in a series of exhilarating challenges.

His trademark catchphrase, “Contenders, ready! Gladiators, ready! Three, two, one…” became synonymous with the show’s high-energy atmosphere. Anderson’s contributions to “Gladiators” helped turn it into a beloved cultural phenomenon, fondly remembered by fans around the world.