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“REAL Gladiator ref” – Joe Marler ranks his five favourite Scots

England prop Joe Marler has recently revealed his admiration for the top five greatest Scotsmen, a list that notably includes the renowned Gladiator referee.

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In an interview with the Mail Online, Marler expressed his enthusiasm for the intense rivalry between England and Scotland, emphasizing his fondness for the spirited competition. He stated, “It’s become an incredibly hostile rivalry and I love it. The niggle goes back to the night in 2018 when Ryan Wilson picked on George Ford in the tunnel.”

Reflecting on a pivotal moment in 2018 when tensions flared between Ryan Wilson and George Ford, Marler humorously recounted how he was preoccupied with a cheese toastie, regrettably unable to intervene in the altercation. He added, “Unfortunately, I was plodding back with a belly full of cheese toastie so I was nowhere near to intervene when Wilson started dishing it out in his thick Scottish-Surrey accent.”

Marler is set to share his insights exclusively with Mail Sport throughout the tournament.

Read on to discover Marler’s personal selection of his five favorite Scots.

Finn Russell

Hailing from Scotland, Finn Russell is a rugby maestro known for his electrifying playmaking skills and strategic prowess on the field. Born on September 23, 1992, in Bridge of Allan, Russell’s journey to rugby stardom began at a young age.

His remarkable talent quickly caught the attention of scouts, leading to his professional debut for the Glasgow Warriors in 2012. Russell’s career skyrocketed as he showcased his exceptional abilities, earning him accolades both domestically and internationally.

A key figure for the Scottish national team, he is celebrated for his daring style of play, pinpoint kicks, and ability to orchestrate attacks with precision. With each match, Russell continues to solidify his legacy as one of Scotland’s finest rugby talents of his generation.

Marler wrote: “As a fan, I really enjoy watching Finn Russell. He’s got a massive bag of tricks. You never know what he’s going to do. Half the time, I’m not sure if he knows himself. He’s one of the best in the world. Marcus Smith talks about how much he loves the way he plays and what it was like to spend time with him on the Lions tour.”

Finn Russell of Bath Rugby during the Gallagher Premiership Rugby match between Gloucester Rugby and Bath Rugby at Kingsholm Stadium on 10 November 2023 in Gloucester, England. (Photo by Tom Sandberg/PPAUK)