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“REAL Gladiator ref” – Joe Marler ranks his five favourite Scots

William Wallace (Mel Gibson version)

m Wallace, immortalized in the iconic portrayal by Mel Gibson, is a legendary figure in Scottish history, revered for his valiant struggle for freedom against English oppression.

In the epic film “Braveheart,” Wallace emerges as a symbol of Scottish resilience and defiance, leading his countrymen in a spirited rebellion against tyranny.

Born in the late 13th century, Wallace’s heroic deeds during the Wars of Scottish Independence captured the imagination of generations, inspiring a sense of national pride and solidarity among Scots.

While the historical accuracy of his portrayal in “Braveheart” may be debated, there is no denying the enduring impact of Wallace’s legacy, which continues to resonate in Scottish culture and folklore to this day.

Joe said: “The first time I ever cried during a film was watching Braveheart in my nan’s lounge. I was six or seven years old, eating biscuits. I had this cuddly snowman and I cried when the executioners were torturing him. ‘Just say the word… just say mercy and it will all be over’.”