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Ronan O’Gara ‘rips up’ Lions backline and makes five changes

Ronan O’Gara has called for wholesale changes to the Lions backline after the emphatic loss to South Africa in the second Test.

Calling for changes, he said on Sky Sports: “You select your team to dismantle South Africa depending on how you want to play the game.

“So if you want to put kick-pressure you are going to have to pick people who are good.

“For me, you go to really proven competitors. I’ve completely taken out the hedge clippers and gone after the backline.”


  • 15. Liam Williams (Wales)
  • 14. Josh Adams (Wales)
  • 11. Anthony Watson (England)

O’Gara said: ““I believe Josh Adams excellent in the air, and I’ve had that confirmed by a lot of people who play in the back three over the last number of weeks.

Liam Williams is world-class in the air, and Anthony Watson just looks deadly every time he gets the ball.”

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