Rugby legend Doddie Weir leaves hospital after accident - Ruck

Rugby legend Doddie Weir leaves hospital after accident

Rugby legend Doddie Weir has left the Borders General Hospital following an accident last week.

The 48-year-old, who was diagnosed with motor neurone disease in 2017, missed two events this week but moved to assure fans that it was due to an accident and not his ongoing illness.

He wrote in a statement on Twitter: “Just a wee note to sat last week I took a bit of a coup (I tripped over a power wash hose) and did myself a bit of damage, namely puncturing a lung, which is why I missed the Winter Words Festival in Pitlochry and the Laureus Awards in Monte Carlo.

“Things weren’t progressing as quickly as the doctors wanted so I had to spend 3 nights this week in Ward 7 of the Borders General Hospital, bed and full board.

“A big thank you to the doctors, nurses and staff for all their care, help and attention – and the dinners were magic!

“Back home now in time to watch Scotland play the French in Paris (I won there twice!).”

Get well soon Doddie!


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