Rugby World Cup winner in a bad way after protecting children during armed robery

Rugby World Cup winner Naka Drotske is reported to be on “death’s door” after suffering a massive relapse after surviving a triple shooting less than a fortnight ago.

The former Springbok hooker was blasted three times in the chest, abdomen and arm when three masked men burst into his brother’s home at a BBQ last month.

The 47-year-old jumped up and rugby tackled the masked raiders to protect his brother Tinus and Tinus’s children and former South African team mate Os du Randt.

He was rushed to hospital and miraculously pulled through, and after undergoing two operations he was allowed home last week.

But today his brother Tinus Drotske and cousin Steven Drotske wrote on their Facebook pages that Naka’s condition had worsened to ‘cricitical’ and he had once again been hospitalised.

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