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Welcome to Nice, a picturesque city on the French Riviera and one of the host cities for the Rugby World Cup 2023. With its stunning Mediterranean coastline, vibrant culture, and delicious cuisine, Nice is the perfect destination for rugby enthusiasts and travelers. This travel guide will help you plan your visit, from getting here to finding the best places to stay, eat, and explore.

Getting to Nice

By Air

Nice Côte d’Azur Airport (NCE) is the primary international airport serving the region. It offers numerous flights from major cities worldwide. From the airport, you can reach the city centre by taxi, shuttle, or public transportation.

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By Train

Nice is well-connected by train, with Nice-Ville station as the main railway hub. You can take high-speed TGV trains from cities like Paris, Lyon, and Marseille, making it a convenient choice for travellers coming from other parts of France.

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Where to Stay

Nice offers a variety of accommodation options to suit different preferences and budgets. Book a hotel in Nice today from £52 with Expedia

Here are some popular areas to consider:

1. Promenade des Anglais

Stay along the iconic Promenade des Anglais for breathtaking sea views and easy access to the beach. This area features luxury hotels, upscale resorts, and charming boutique accommodations.

2. Vieux Nice (Old Town)

Experience the charm of Nice’s historic Old Town with its narrow streets, colourful buildings, and lively atmosphere. You’ll find boutique hotels, guesthouses, and apartments here.

3. Port of Nice

The Port of Nice area offers a mix of accommodations, from mid-range hotels to upscale options. It’s a great choice if you want to explore the vibrant harbour and dine in seafood restaurants.

4. Budget-Friendly Options

Nice also has budget-friendly hostels and hotels, especially in the city centre and near the train station.

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Getting Around Nice

Public Transportation
Nice has an efficient public transportation system, including trams and buses. The city’s tramway network connects key areas, and buses are readily available for exploring the region.
Many of Nice’s attractions, including the Promenade des Anglais and Old Town, can be explored on foot. Stroll along the waterfront, visit local markets, and explore charming neighbourhoods on foot.
Nice has a bike-sharing program called Vélo Bleu, allowing you to rent a bike for leisurely rides along the coast or through the city’s parks.
Taxis and Ride-Sharing
Taxis are readily available in Nice, and ride-sharing services like Uber operate in the city, providing convenient transportation options.
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Food & Drink

Nice is known for its culinary delights, influenced by both French and Mediterranean cuisines. Here are some must-try experiences:

1. Niçoise Salad

Sample the famous Niçoise salad, made with fresh ingredients like tomatoes, olives, anchovies, and tuna. It’s a refreshing choice for a sunny day.

2. Socca

Taste socca, a popular local snack made from chickpea flour and olive oil, often cooked in a wood-fired oven. It’s crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

3. Seafood

Indulge in fresh Mediterranean seafood dishes like bouillabaisse, seafood paella, and grilled sardines in the local restaurants along the waterfront.

4. Local Wines

Enjoy wines from the nearby Provence and Côte d’Azur regions, including rosé wines that perfectly complement the Mediterranean climate.

5. Pissaladière

Try pissaladière, a savoury tart topped with caramelized onions, anchovies, and olives—a local specialty.