Sam Burgess opens up about what cost England at World Cup

England’s early exit from the 2015 World Cup was the result of “individual egos and selfish players”, says cross-code international Sam Burgess.

The 29-year-old said he was “committed” but “others had their own agendas”.

“I seem to be getting a few tweets regarding the Rugby WC in 2015…. still,” Burgess wrote on Twitter. “If people actually re-watched the games I participated in you will see I added to the team.

“What cost us an early exit was individual egos and selfish players not following our leader, which essentially cost the coach and other great men their jobs.

“Tournaments are not won by the coaching staff or one player. It takes a commitment from the full group. I guarantee you this, I was committed but others had their own agendas.”

He added: “One day I will tell my side of the story but for now I love watching England and cannot wait to see them as they prepare for the 2019 WC in Japan.”

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