Saracens boss gives the latest on how the squad will be dismantled

Saracens’ squad will be dismantled after their relegation from the Premiership was confirmed, revealed director of rugby Mark McCall.

“This is the end of that era that dates back to 2009,” said McCall.

“We have got some time to plan for a new era, a new journey, and that is the optimistic way of looking at it.

Clearly the club have made some mistakes, and big mistakes, and they have been rightly punished for those mistakes,” he said.

“When we got the original decision at the start of November, 35 points and a fine, it seemed quite severe.

“Then the goalposts have changed again. Of course there is shock and sadness. Sadness more than anything else.”

When asked why the goalposts had changed, McCall said: “You should ask that question to somebody else in our organisation, in PRL as well. My remit in the club is to get on with the rugby.”


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