Scottish rugby slam 'conspiracy theories' about players death on Twitter - Ruck

Scottish rugby slam ‘conspiracy theories’ about players death on Twitter

Scottish Rugby is demanding the removal of “despicable” Twitter posts that falsely linked the tragic death of forward Siobhan Cattigan to the vaccine.

The governing body announced that the 26-year-old had passed away on Tuesday night, which started anti-vaxx conspiracy theories on the social media site.

The Telegraph Sport has reported that Cattigan’s death last week ‘had nothing to do with virus nor the vaccine’ and that Scottish Rugby has been working to get the offending posts deleted.

Cattigan won 19 caps between 2018 and 2021, having made her debut against Wales during the 2018 Six Nations.

She started all three matches in the 2021 competition, with her most recent appearance coming in the World Cup qualifier against Spain in September.


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