"Should be in the stands sinking pints" - 5 "underwhelming looking" rugby players - Ruck

“Should be in the stands sinking pints” – 5 “underwhelming looking” rugby players

A recent discussion on the r/rugbyunion subreddit has sparked conversations among fans about professional rugby players who may not have the most impressive physical appearances.

While some players exude the traditional rugby player image with their imposing size, athleticism, and power, there are others who may not fit the stereotypical mold and could easily be mistaken for non-players if judged solely by their looks.

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#5. Ken Owens

One fan wrote: “It’s 13:00, Saturday. You’ve just left the club and you only managed to get 14 lads together for this weekend’s 2nd team game. You don’t want to let the other club down, so you decide to go down short-handed. You’re driving past the local pub and see your mate Ken Owens from the Wednesday night darts team. Said he played a bit in school. “Ken, mate. Fancy helping us out? We’re desperate for players!”. Ken Scores 8 tries and slots a touch line drop goal. Who knew he could play?!

Another commented: “Yes lol. Ken Owens belongs on this thread. Ordinary looking fellow, and he made it to the Lions.”

Ken Owens, Captain of Wales is interviewed during the 2023 Guinness Six Nations Media Launch at County Hall, Lambeth, London on Monday 23rd January 2023 | Photo: James Fearn/PPAUK.a