"Controversial" - 5 Greatest Rugby Players in History, Named and Ranked - Ruck

“Controversial” – 5 Greatest Rugby Players in History, Named and Ranked

The sport of rugby has produced some truly legendary players who have etched their names in the annals of the game’s history.

From fearless forwards to agile backs, rugby has seen some exceptional talent over the years. Among them, five players stand out for their exceptional skill, dedication, and impact on the sport.

Here are RUCK’s top 5 rugby players of all-time.

#5. Jonny Wilkinson (England)

A true rugby icon, Jonny Wilkinson is widely regarded as one of the best fly-halves in the history of the game. The former England rugby union player was known for his pinpoint accuracy in kicking, both from hand and off the tee.

Wilkinson’s unforgettable drop goal in extra time of the 2003 Rugby World Cup final secured England’s victory and made him a national hero.

He also won multiple Six Nations titles with England and had a successful club career with Newcastle Falcons and Toulon.