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“Shouldn’t happen” – Siya Kolisi played on in World Cup final despite brutal head knock

South Africa captain Siya Kolisi was allowed to play on unchecked during the Rugby World Cup final despite stumbling following a brutal head knock.

One fan wrote: “I was wondering that, he looked a bit groggy there. Overall I think the independent docs need to be a bit more comfortable pulling players of the field for an HIA.”

A second said: “Seems a bit inconsistent to police high and dangerous tackles so strictly without picking up when serious head injuries have occurred.”

Another commented: “Another area WR is fucking up, players who make upright/dangerous tackle get carded but the players they make those tackles on somehow avoid getting a HIA, rules should change where a tackled player is forced into a HIA by the ref so they need to leave the field too.”

“Jonny Wilkinson 22nd” – The 25 best rugby players of all time have been named and ranked

#25. Sean Fitzpatrick (New Zealand)

Fitzpatrick, a remarkable hooker who accumulated an impressive 92 caps, showcased unparalleled dynamism on the rugby field.

Renowned for his aggressive approach in both the scrum and on the break, this Kiwi athlete firmly established himself as the epitome of excellence for all contemporary hookers.

#24. Philippe Sella (France)

Sella, undeniably one of the most exceptional French players in history, left an indelible mark by participating in a staggering 111 international games.

Achieving such a remarkable feat is a testament to his extraordinary talent and perseverance. What sets him apart even further is the distinction of being one of just five players to have scored a try in every game throughout a Five Nations season.

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#23. Gavin Hastings (Scotland)

Hastings stands alone as the sole Scottish representative among the elite top 25 players. His exceptional contributions to the sport led to his induction into the International Rugby Hall of Fame in 2003, followed by the prestigious International Rugby Hall of Fame in 2013.

Hastings displayed remarkable leadership as he captained the Scottish team on numerous occasions, including the 1995 World Cup. Notably, he held the record for the highest number of international points for Scotland with a staggering 667 until that record was surpassed in 2008.

#22. Jonny Wilkinson (England)

In a defining moment during the 2003 World Cup finals, this talented fly half secured his place in history. With seconds remaining in overtime, he skillfully scored a crucial drop goal, leading England to their first-ever World Cup triumph by defeating Australia.

Notably, he held the distinction of being the highest point scorer in rugby history until 2011 when surpassed by Dan Carter, a testament to his exceptional skill and contribution to the sport.

#21. JPR Williams (Wales)

Williams is widely regarded as one of the most exceptional full backs in the annals of rugby. A complete and dependable player in defense, he truly stood out for his electrifying speed and thrilling offensive prowess.

Swiftly identifying gaps in the opposing defense, Williams had an uncanny ability to break away in the blink of an eye. In the 70s, he became an iconic figure for Wales, capturing the public’s imagination. Alongside his aggressive tackles, Williams was renowned for his distinctive sideburns and the fashion statement of wearing his socks around his ankles, leaving an enduring impression on the sport.


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