Six tips for keeping positive whilst injured or unwell

Six tips for keeping positive whilst injured or unwell

I decided to write this blog as it is something very relevant to me at the moment having just ripped my AC joint in my shoulder.

This means I may have to potentially have surgery and most likely 8 weeks out of being able to lift weights properly.

Gutted is an understatement, I have worked so hard the last 6 months every single week on my physique and it has been something really hard to stomach.

So I thought I’d use my experience to write this next blog for people who may be also suffering from an injury or a bad illness… or even an incredibly busy schedule meaning that the gym cannot be a priority at the moment.

1. Think about the long term.

This is something I keep reminding myself every day at the moment. In reality in your life this is a very short term thing. Setting your goals for the long term can help immensely for keeping positive in the short term. For me my goal is to be back working on my physique really smashing the gym 100% by Christmas… and hopefully by next summer my physique will be something I can be really proud of.

2. Keep your nutrition as good as it can be.

My Autumnal protein pancakes 😍 so easy to make! I used: ▪️50g of the protein pancake mix from @myproteinuk ▪️An extra scoop of MP whey ▪️Added some water ▪️Adding baking soda and cooked for a few mins ▪️Mixed in a bowl separately 100g liberté 0% Greek fat yoghurt with 30g reduced sugar hartleys raspberry Jam as a topper ▪️Finally added the sweet autumn fruit bowl from Waitrose including pear, plum figs and blackberries ❤️ – Packed full of protein and low in fat – #fitspo #fitfam #fitgirls #nutrition #healthy #healthylifestyle #healthyliving #healthyfood #healthyfoodporn #gym #gymblog #gymgirl #gymlife #proteinpancakes #myproteinuk #myproteinfamily #balance #girlswithmuscle

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Your body has built up muscle and is used to a healthy lifestyle by now so keeping your nutrition good means that you will be able to hold onto some of the muscle and hard work that you have built up over time. Just because you can’t train it doesn’t mean you have to completely give up on your diet and binge everyday. That being said under eating is a big NO NO.. your body needs calories and nutrition to repair muscles if injured and build up the immune system if you are ill. It is scientifically proven that actually your metabolism works 15-30% harder whilst you are injured!

3. Still enjoy yourself!!

Yes, it is important to keep eating healthy but stressing about going off track one day at the weekend or for one meal is not worth it. I am relaxed at the weekends and generally eat what I want but am strict in the week, it’s how I personally keep on track. Stressing about your injury and not being able to exercise is probably going to have a more negative effect on your body! I have IBS and stress does all kind of funky things to my body including bloating, cramps and stomach aches so it just isn’t worth it!

4. Spend time doing other things to keep active.

I have found that walking is really therapeutic, perhaps not always possible in this bloomin country though! Walking is a form of cardio, gets that step count up and I just find refreshes your head up when you are feeling really low. I know if you have a lower body injury this may not be possible but there is always a way to do something that you perhaps don’t normally do, or to keep active. Maybe even reading a particular book/ articles to educate yourself in the long term that you don’t usually have time for, could be something to do as well (if you really are bed bound).


Water will get all those nasty toxins out if you are not feeling very well and will help to keep your metabolism ticking. Water also helps you to feel full for longer so that you are less likely to overeat when you are not very active. For instance, if you go out for a meal drink plenty of water before and during the meal so you are less likely to overeat. Sometimes your brain hasn’t had long enough to process that you are actually full but taking breaks to sip water can help to prevent you from overeating.

6. Keep your life structured

Sorry for double posting!! So we enter week 4 post injury. I finally got to squat properly, I had hoped for using two hands but I’m just not quite there yet. I have seen massive improvements but there is still a long way to go until I am fully fit. I really suffered with lack of motivation and feeling negative this week but I’m determined for tomorrow to be a new week and to be as positive as I can be! Hope you all had a fab weekend and congratulations to anyone who competed🙏🏻🖤 – #fitspo #fitfam #fitness #fitgirls #legday #smithmachine #injured #acjoint #lowerbody #humpday #glutes #booty #gains #girlswithmuscle #workout #rehab #positivity #healthy #gym #gymblog #gymlife #injury #gymmotivation

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Finally, a strategy that I have used to keep motivated and positive is to plan my days out. It may seem silly but for instance I will say, get up at 8am, go for a fasted half an hour walk and eat breakfast, go shopping at 10.. write a blog at 11 and then do some lower body light training at 1pm etc. It makes me feel like I have my life on track still and is similar to how I used to plan my days with the gym so I don’t feel like my life has changed too much.

Thank you for reading like always and I hope I have been able for reach out to anyone going through a tough or busy time at the moment.
As always, lots of love,
Ellie xx