Stunning rugby prop named Miss Brighton 2021 - Ruck

Stunning rugby prop named Miss Brighton 2021

Rugby boots will be swapped for high heels when rugby player Danielle Evans bids for glory at the Miss Great Britain pageant for the second straight year.

The event, which is scheduled for September in Leicester, would see the prop raise awareness and money for Cancer Research, Alex’s Wish, and the Bliss charity for sick and premature babies.

Evans, who won Miss Publicity to qualify for the finals in 2020, was virtually crowned Miss Brighton for 2021. 

The 24-year-old social media marketing executive promotes the wonderful “Try Me” rugby campaign to encourage more women to play the sport.

She told The Argus: “I want to break the stereotypes of women who enter pageants and women who compete in sport.”

Before Christmas she joined the Horsham Ladies rugby team, stating she has been missing her friends there.

She added : “I have always been a big fan of rugby, and I’m looking forward to getting back to training.

“I love the sport because everyone is accepted for who they are. Rugby is for everyone, despite your background and abilities.

“I entered the contest because quite a lot of people have negative assumptions about beauty pageants, and they have assumptions about female rugby players.

“Pageantry is evolving and becoming more diverse. I am not stick thin. I am curvy woman, and for me it is a real honour to represent the city I love so dearly.”


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