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Rugby fans pick an exciting XV of superheroes

Superhero Foundation commissioned a survey of 1,134 people to ask the public to create the ultimate Superhero XV.

Here is the selected starting 15 by general consensus. Each player listed was the most commonly-selected player in that position:

Fullback: Spider-Man

His Spidey senses, agility and quick feet would allow him to react and predict the game well, so he would have great positioning and control over the game. Also he’d never drop a catch, he could just fling a web from 50m away and the ball would be in his hands.

Winger: FLASH

Quick enough to cover countries in seconds, he’d have no issue burning through opposition over a 100m pitch and score tries.


Well balanced assets such as speed combined with superhuman strength mean he would be well-suited to this role. Like Ma’a Nonu and Manu Tuilagi murged into one super centre.

Centre: BATMAN

With Batman’s intelligence and creativity, he is ideally suited to this role as he can act as a secondary playmaker, or could just crash it up if in doubt with his strength and willingness to go through pain for the team.


With his ability to travel far above human speeds, Quicksilver would leave many opposing players in his trail making him suited to wing play.