"Touch of class" - Jonny Wilkinson offers a heartfelt message and special gift to Owen Farrell - Ruck

“Touch of class” – Jonny Wilkinson offers a heartfelt message and special gift to Owen Farrell

Owen Farrell has achieved a historic milestone, surpassing Jonny Wilkinson’s record to become England’s all-time leading points scorer.

During England’s World Cup victory over Samoa in Pool D, Farrell successfully converted an 18th-minute penalty, elevating his career points total to 1,179, eclipsing Wilkinson’s previous record.

Although he had an earlier opportunity to claim the record with Ollie Chessum’s opening try, a missed conversion attempt delayed the achievement.

In a remarkable display of skill, Farrell added another penalty and a conversion, ultimately amassing a total of 1,186 points. Notably, he also became the first player in World Cup history to exceed the allotted 60 seconds on the ‘shot clock’ while preparing for a third penalty kick.

Wilkinson, who earned 91 caps for England from 1998 to 2011, witnessed Farrell’s achievement and expressed his admiration through a thoughtful gesture.

He sent Farrell a personal gift along with a heartfelt message: “Faz, there is no one more deserving of this record than you. So much more to come too! Utmost respect my friend, Jonny.”

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#1. Jonny May

Telegraph 4/10: “May brought energy as ever but there was also the customary chaos. Out of position for Samoa’s second try, leaving Steward to scramble in vain.”

Rugby Pass 4/10: “It was his break that scattered the Samoan defence on 18 minutes in the lead-up to the infringement that gave Farrell his points record, but that was about it for him on the ball and he will instead be remembered for ineffectively clinging onto a leg of the tr-scoring Ah-Wong minutes later. England need a hurry up in this position, with May not looking the part.”

RUCK 4/10: “We’re uncertain why he continues to be selected over the lightning-fast Henry Arundell, Seemed to spend the whole afternoon running sideways”

Replacement: Henry Arundell