Transfer News: Wolfpack target superstar signings - Ruck

Transfer News: Wolfpack target superstar signings

Toronto Wolfpack will aim to sign rugby union players from this year’s World Cup ahead of their anticipated promotion to Super League in 2020.

“The two Brians are speaking with all of the agents to look at who becomes available for next year,” said owner David Argyle.

“I don’t choose who is recruited, but my view is that it works well for the club to have some of the top names of rugby playing for the Wolfpack.

“I personally would love to see Sonny Bill Williams in a Toronto Wolfpack shirt.

“Obviously it comes down to what both Brians say and how it works out and, of course, it comes down to what Sonny Bill says.

“But there are ten really big superstar names out there and we would love to have at least one of those in the squad for next year.

“There are a few other rugby union players who, after the World Cup, will probably have achieved everything they can in union and might want to come back or jump across to rugby league.

“I think that’s going to be really exciting, if we are able to secure one or more of those players.”


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