How Vikings stars used rugby inspired warm up for battle scenes

At a Question & Answer with Clive Standen (Rollo from Vikings) at Comic Con Stockholm, a fan dressed up as Uncle Fester asked the actor to perform a Haka.

Standen, who is a big rugby fan, has often praised the haka for getting him in the zone to film their famously realistic and gory battle scenes.

“Before the takes, I’ll be doing the haka and making myself distorted and getting veins pumping in my neck. It’s not a pretty thing,” said Standen.

“I try and make myself look as ugly as possible so I look as scary as possible when I’m coming towards the stunt guys.”

The haka is an ancient posture dance of the New Zealand Māori that was traditionally used to prepare a war party for battle.


It was performed either on the battlefield prior to engagement with the enemy, or as the war party was leaving their own village en route to a battle.

In modern times, it’s commonly used by the the New Zealand All Blacks to get revved up for international Tests.


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