Wales star shares emotional letter he received from Dad prior to first cap - Ruck

Wales star shares emotional letter he received from Dad prior to first cap

The powerful letter to Andrew Coombes form his dad prior to his first cap during the 2013 Six Nations told him how proud his late mother was of him.

The letter referenced the 10-times capped former Dragons skipper’s mother Elaine, who died in 2005 aged just 43.

In the letter, John Coombs wrote: “There have been some dark moments for you along this journey. In life with the loss of Mam, I know she was proud to call you her son.

“The almost career threatening injuries you suffered, and the rehabilitating that followed these injuries, and truth be known along with you I began to doubt this day would ever happen.

“Within you lies an inner strength and a resounding quality that has made today happen, do not think today that you are any less a player than those around you, as the old saying goes a father knows his son.

“That is not always true. However I would like to think I know you, given our special relationship and all that we have shared.


“Therefore before I can finally wish you well I want to tell you, it has been a remarkable journey for me having you as my son, through the dark moments and the positive. I can only say I’m very proud you are my son.

“Today you cannot lie down or rest as for every tired moment the opposition will be on the front foot, they will sense any downside or lapse in concentration, be strong, focussed, think clearly, make and take the right decisions, show no signs of weakness, in defence, attack or break in play, as again the opposition will sense any frailties, in one sentence be Andrew Coombs.

“The above are the qualities you possess in abundance, go now son take the field and live that dream, be modern, abrasive, and physical in game time and old school as a man.”