Warren Gatland takes aim at Sean O'Brien in latest rant - Ruck

Warren Gatland takes aim at Sean O’Brien in latest rant

Wales boss Warren Gatland has taken another shot at Sean O’Brien, saying “he lost his credibility” when he stated the British and Irish Lions should have won 3-0 in New Zealand.

Speaking to Mail on Sunday, Gatland said: “My thing to Sean is, if he can look himself in the mirror and say ‘I was the most professional person on tour, on and off the field, in New Zealand’, in terms of the way he prepared himself, then I think his points would be more valid.

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“I was disappointed with his comments. I thought him coming out and saying we should have won 3-0 was pretty disrespectful to New Zealand. That’s where he lost his credibility.

‘He came out and he was critical but what was his solution? There was nothing. It was words without a solution. If you are going to come out and say something, give us what the answer is.

“When I spoke to Sean last week I said the ironic thing was that he came to us injured at the start of the tour and his injury record over the last number of years has been pretty abysmal in terms of getting a string of games together.

“I reminded him that in his interview he said he was in the best shape of his life during the Tests so we must have done something right, surely. And he said: ‘I never thought of that’.”