WATCH: Can England rugby stars tackle Six Nations rivals?

WATCH: Can England rugby stars tackle Six Nations rivals?

The highly anticipated Six Nations tournament is just around the corner in February, however, there’s a much tougher challenge awaiting a number of the England stars. The Betsafe Cup of Nations provides the ultimate test to unearth which nation really are the true champions, with a series of tricky indoor games standing in their way.

Leading the England and Saracens quartet are Jamie Georgie, Calum Clark, Alex Goode and Ben Spencer, whilst representing the other five nations are fans from Ireland, Wales, France and Scotland. Will the powerhouses of England and Saracens be crowned champions, or will they be overcome by the fans of their fierce Six Nations rivals?


Created by bookmaker and gaming company, Betsafe, with support from their UK agencies Fuse and Pretty Green, the Cup of Nations competition contains a number of challenges including ‘Table Top Conversions’ and ‘Through the Pack.’

In the first challenge, ‘Table Top Conversions’, England flanker Calum Clark and Italian rugby fanatic David Boscherini are tasked with flicking a mini rugby ball with one hand through miniature posts atop a table. Calum and David have to do so from 5 different angles on the miniature pitch, with the person who scores the most conversions out of five attempts being crowned the winner.

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