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WATCH: Red card for Saracens Richard Barrington v Exeter

Richard Barrington, despite being the second tackler, was sent off.

His shoulder makes contact with the head of Geoff Parling after Brad Barritt’s high tackle and Saracens are down to 14 men.

Not a good ending to Barrington’s 100th game and he is devastated. Barritt is slightly fortunate there…

Should the centre have gone instead?!…

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  1. Neil

    I am at loss to know what the point of Barrington’s challenge was. If it was just to injure Parling gratuitously, then he should face a long ban from rugby. Also, given all the publicity about the law changes and the presence of television cameras, it wasn’t very smart of Barrington to There is too much of this in rugby, which is often justified by pundits as part of the ethos of rugby: a tough, manly sport. Well, if parents are watching, would they want their offspring exposed to the possibility of life-changing injuries, just to validate misguided ideas about manliness, etc? Maybe law makers should think about outlawing ‘gang’ tackling. Why can’t it be a contest between two players? As for Barrett’s challenge, it was dangerous and unintelligent; he deserved a red as well. If the price of a safer and cleaner game is 15 v 13, so be it. Teams might learn quite quickly to tackle legally. PS This tends to confirm my prejudices about Saracens.