World Rugby Statement: Rugby World Cup 2023 host selection process

World Rugby has confirmed that it has addressed in full, clarification requests by the Rugby World Cup 2023 host candidates and Council members.

The ability to submit clarification requests following the publication of the recommendation and comprehensive report on 31 October was agreed and permitted within the host selection process operated by World Rugby.

These clarifications have been addressed with significant supporting detail, and have been shared with the host candidates and World Rugby Council.


The comprehensive and objective responses reflect the transparent principles at the heart of the independently audited process. They do not impact on the detail or outcomes of the evaluation report nor on the subsequent recommendation.

World Rugby Chairman Bill Beaumont said: “Following the publication of the Rugby World Cup 2023 recommendation and evaluation report, I would like to thank the host candidates for their feedback. In order for Council to have appropriate time to consider all the materials, the window for dialogue is now closed. We now look forward to Council making its decision in London on 15 November.”

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