"You’re a f****t" - Dan Biggar clashes with fan after being sent off at the weekend - Ruck

“You’re a f****t” – Dan Biggar clashes with fan after being sent off at the weekend

Wales fly-half Dan Biggar was sent off in Northampton’s defeat to Gloucester over the weekend and was subjected to abuse as he headed to the touchline.

He will face a disciplinary hearing via video conference tomorrow (Wednesday) following the red card he received for a dangerous hit on former Lions teammate Chris Harris.

This led to an alleged altercation with a supporter after the number 10 subjected to abuse from a member of the crowd as he headed towards the sidelines and took up a position for the rest of the match.

Biggar, allegedly, was unable to brush it off and exchanged verbals before stewards intervened.

A player from Northampton Saints had been red carded for a tackle he had made during the game,” revealed Ashley Tuala, the wife of Biggar’s Northampton team-mate Ahsee.

“As he was walking off the field a particular person from the crowd was literally just hailing a whole lot of abusive words to him directly.

“The player bit back and returned some words. Now here is the funny, yet sticky, part. The person in the crowd yelled back because the player was saying things back to him. that he was being unprofessional and that he shouldn’t be saying things back because he is who he is.

“The stewards were then seen trying to calm the situation down. The player was then heard saying: ‘I’m not going to sit here and allow someone to verbally abuse me’.

“I must mention people from the crowd had also been heard throughout the game verbally abusing and saying some pretty disgusting things towards not only players but also members of the staff like: ‘You’re fat’ and also using the disgusting word: ‘You’re a f****t’. In no way shape or form am I only pinning this verbal abuse on one particular team’s home crowd whatsoever this is only a mere example of the type of abuse that can be heard during a match.”


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