The 12 Greatest Guinness World Records In Rugby History

Fastest rugby try, oldest rugby international, largest rugby ball and more. RUCK take a look at the most impressive world records in rugby.
Here are the 12 world records in rugby you need to know about:

Fastest rugby pass
Nicknamed The Speedster for his incredible turn of pace, Wasps star Joe Simpson showed he was no slouch when it came to delivering a pass.

Fastest time to score a try in a rugby union match
The fastest recorded try in a rugby union match was scored after 7.24 seconds by Tyson Lewis (UK) for Doncaster Knights Rugby Union Football Club versus Old Albanians at Wollam Playing Fields, St Albans, UK back in November last year.

The record-breaking moment took place during a NCA Rugby National 1 League game in England, with winger Lewis scoring direct from kick off after racing onto the ball after it had bounced over the head of an Old Albanians player.

Oldest Rugby Competition
The oldest Rugby Union competition is the United Hospitals Cup, first played in 1875 between teams representing hospitals in England.