9 weirdest career changes made by rugby players - Ruck

9 weirdest career changes made by rugby players

1. Dan Cowley – Private detective

Former Australia international Crowley also worked as an undercover police officer with the Queensland Police Force, specialising in busting drug-rings on Queensland’s Gold Coast. He writes of his experiences in his book Undercover Prop, and works as a motivational speaker. On some occasions, he was even working undercover during rugby tours in New Zealand.

2. Shane Monahan – Artist

Monahan is far from the most famous of Premiership players, but earned a reputation as a reliable back for both Rotherham and Gloucester. He retired from playing in 2015, but over the last decade he has been earning quite a reputation as an artist.

Visit his art website HERE

3. George Gregan – Coffee shops 

Since retirement, the 46-year-old and his wife Erica have opened their own coffee shop chain in Australia under the Gregan Group brand.

Combining the former rugby star’s contacts and leadership experience with Erica’s hotels and restaurant sector expertise, the pair have established 16 GG Espresso cafes across Sydney, with their brand also extending to bars, restaurants and a catering company. Employing up to 280 people, the company has annual revenues of more than £4.7m.