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Ackermann ‘victim’ gives his version of events after nightclub brawl

 Harry Allen, the 24-year-old man who claims to have been assaulted by Johan and Ruan Ackermann on Sunday, has given his version of events on what happened that night. 

“My friend Chris is about 6-ft-3 or 6-ft-4, a big guy but a gentle giant,” Allen told Sport24 over the phone on Monday.

“He buys himself Lego and Pokemon cards … he’s harmless. He tried to walk to the bar and Johan kept body-checking him and barging him out of the way.

“They (Johan and his son Ruan Ackermann) had their drink so they weren’t waiting at the bar, they were just standing there.”

Allen, who says he had “no idea” who Johan and Ruan were, claims that a stand-off between Johan Ackermann and Baker then ensued, and that Ackermann “pushed and grabbed” Baker.

At that point, Allen says he decided to get involved.


“I’m a lot shorter than the pair of them … I’m 5-ft-11,” he said.

“I stepped in between them and tried to calm it down and I was punched. My jumper was pulled over my head and I just felt constant knocks and bumps to the back of my head.

“They (the police) want to see the CCTV footage and get the witness statements first,” Allen said, adding that he had about 15 witnesses who saw the fight take place.

“I have got a pretty severe concussion,” he added.

“I’ll be honest with you, Ruan was an arrogant little prick afterwards,” he said, adding that he had seen the Ackermanns drinking alcohol.

“I will be pressing charges.”

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