Austin Healey slams Eddie Jones for 'disrespecting England' - Ruck

Austin Healey slams Eddie Jones for ‘disrespecting England’

Former England international Austin Healey has slammed current head coach Eddie Jones for “taking the post for granted and disrespecting it.”

“One of the main things that annoyed me about playing for England was that Clive Woodward had a term for some people, ‘energy sappers’, someone who wasn’t fully focused, drawing energy from others,” Healey wrote for the Telegraph.

“He would call me in and tell me to stop doing so much commercial work, that it was affecting my game – no more book deals, adverts.

“Then a few weeks later you would see Clive’s next book come out and think ‘hang on, we’re either all in this together or we’re not’.

“With Eddie, people know that he’s obsessed with coaching, but everyone wants to see that focus with England.

“Maybe don’t go over to Japan, or talk about joining Racing 92, or release another book or speak at dinners. Because that is a distraction. And to use Clive’s term, that is ‘energy sapping’.”


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