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“Eddie Jones called grossly overweight” – 5 Best Body Transformations By Rugby Players

While some rugby players entered the sport, already bulky and built, others had to work hard to beef up!

While the body transformation of some players are known to everyone in the world, some unsung rugby stars underwent a breath-taking transformation and took the world by storm.

Read on to know five of the perseverant rugby players who transformed their bodies flawlessly!

#1. Luther Burrell

The centre missed out on Eddie Jones’ first squad for the Six Nations Grand Slam triumph in 2016 with the Aussie labelling him “grossly overweight”.

He revealed his incredible body transformation online yesterday saying in the caption…

‘Putting a picture up like this for me was very challenging and potentially very embarrassing. It can sometimes put you in a vulnerable position…. So I seriously can’t thank everyone enough for contacting me, showing interest in my continued journey and also being kind I’m still smashing through messages, so please bare with me if I haven’t yet got back to you. •’


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