Billy Vunipola makes a final comment on Israel Folau saga

England powerhouse Billy Vunipola has moved to assure head coach Eddie Jones that he won’t be a distraction to England’s Rugby World Cup glory campaign.

“I have made my position clear,” he said. “I’m not going to expand on it or take a step back.”

“If I was a boxer and it was just me that I was affecting, I would sit here and answer your question,” he said.

“But it doesn’t just affect me and what I don’t want to do is become a distraction to the players around me.

“It is firmly what I put out there and it is firmly on me, But I don’t want it to come back on my friends and teammates as that’s not fair on them.”

Vunipola said he had discussed the matter at length with the Rugby Football Union and Saracens and the consensus was that “this issue, that people say I brought on myself, is better off left alone”.


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