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Comparing Jonny May’s England record with Rory Underwood and Ben Cohen

England fans have been treated to quite a few brilliant try-scorers – but how do they all compare?

Jonny May, Ben Cohen and Rory Underwood have all produced brilliant moments for their country and they are amongst the best strikers to play at Twickenham.

May continues to shine for England so we’ve looked at all of their records to see who comes out on top.



Underwood is the top try-scorer out of the three of them because he has scored 49 tries in his 87 caps in all competitions for England, averaging a try every 0.57 games.

In comparison, Cohen managed 31 goals for England in 57 games before hanging up his boots, averaging a try every 0.54 games.

Speedster May may have got 27 tries in 52 games so far, but his record is slightly worse than the other two because he scored a try every 0.52 games.


Despite having the worst scoring record of the trio, May has the best win percentage, triumphing in 70.19% of his 52 England caps.

Cohen again finds himself in second, winning 70.17% of his games while Underwood has the worst, winning just 65.88% of his 88 matches.


Able to play off of either wing, Underwood’s gliding motion when carrying the ball was almost as quick as it was when he was out of possession, a remarkable feat for any wide man.

May is without a doubt the fastest of the trio but Cohen had the power to blast through defenders when required.