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Danny Cipriani puts Mike Parry in his place with emotional response

Caroline Flack’s ex-boyfriend Danny Cipriani has revealed he missed a phone call from her during a game, leaving him in tears after discovering she had died. 

Cipriani and Flack dated for around eight weeks in mid-2019 and remained friends.

On Friday, the Gloucester fly-half played at Kingsholm in their game against Exeter, which they lost 15-26. 

After getting into a Twitter spat with former TalkSport present Mike Parry about Flack’s death, he posted: ‘I don’t know who you are. I sincerely hope u get the love you never received.

‘This has nothing to do with a game. I missed her call because of a f***ing game. I’ve been up all night. Never cried this much But I’m showing u it’s ok to be vulnerable.’ 

RUCK.co.uk would like to send our prayers to all of Flack’s family and friends at this very difficult time.

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