Dylan Hartley threatened with 'legal action' over comments at the weekend - Ruck

Dylan Hartley threatened with ‘legal action’ over comments at the weekend

President of the Barbarians John Spencer has revealed is considering legal action against former England captain Dylan Hartley and Jonathan Davies.

He is considering their position following the pundits stinging criticism after the Barbarians game against Samoa was called off 90 minutes before kick-off.

The match was called off because of six Covid-19 cases in the Barbarians camp. The RFU said four players and two members of staff had tested positive.

 Hartley described the situation as “beyond embarrassing” while Davies branded the 11th-hour development an “utter shambles”.

Speaking to The Times, Spencer said: “I am seething about the comments of Jonathan Davies and Dylan Hartley. 

“We are accused of being disorganised and a shambles and our main concern is to ensure there is no long-term harm to the Barbarians. As a lawyer I am seriously considering our [legal] position on this and it is in my mind.”


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