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Eddie Jones has robust views on expanded Six Nations

England boss Eddie Jones believes the rumoured plan to increase the number of teams in the Six Nations would be a mistake.

“It’s called the greatest rugby tournament in the world and I think it is,” Jones insisted.

“So why would you want to add other teams that are going to decrease the level of competition?”

“You want the best teams playing against each other,” Jones added. “There’s something about the Six Nations – because of the history of the relationships between the nations, it makes it more outstanding.

“Someone was giving me a history lesson on Scotland and the number of different things that have happened in the rivalry with England. So there’s a lot of meaning to a lot of people for a game like this.

“The competition is much harder contested than the World Cup. It’s become a lot more physical and it’s only going to get more so.

“You don’t want this type of game every week, but southern hemisphere coaches certainly admire the Six Nations.”


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  1. istanbulwingman@gmail.com

    I seriously doubt there will be any change to the 6 Nations. While on one hand their failure to open it up to the rest of Europe is reprehensible, on the other their sense of tradition and practicality have made the championship the cornerstone of international rugby and the envy of the rest of the rugby-playing world.

    In saying that, the addition of South Africa is within the realms of plausibility. Dividing the tournament into two groups to accommodate the ENC champion is a pipe-dream, however. If there’s one thing we can be sure of it’s that the annual fixtures in round-robin format aren’t going anywhere.

    That’s why I’ve kept my own suggestion – for a promotion-relegation fixture with ENC – to an absolute minimum. A tournament that has only expanded once in the past 110 years isn’t about to undergo any radical overnight transformation. If the wheel ain’t broke, don’t fix it, as the old saying goes.

    If SANZAAR does break up I see no reason why the Rugby Championship shouldn’t continue. It’s Super Rugby which is more likely to bite the dust. I would like to see it reduced to a single round, however, and Australia and New Zealand join Japan and the Pacific Island in a 6 Nations. They could certainly manage both on this basis.

    South Africa could continue to meet Argentina for a second time with a Bledisloe Cup-style trophy at stake. & perhaps they could also field more teams in European club competition, while New Zealand and Australia would obviously look to become more involved in Rapid Rugby.

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